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Green Rookie: Why A Million Frogs, And 3 Years of Heartbreaks Have Sent Me Over The Moon

I OWE  you an update. In December 2011 I wrote two blogs on my baby steps on the journey to becoming a dirty-your-hands environmentalist. In “Christmas Thoughts: One Hole Could Save  My Village – And 7 Billion Africans Too” (, I told of how I was fumbling with constructing a small dam in my ancestral

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Christmas Thoughts (Part 2): Why ‘Big Breasts’ And ‘Large Buttocks’ Are Bad For Trees

My initiation in extreme green ways continued over the last few days after I penned “Christmas Thoughts: One Hole Could Save My Village – And 7 Billion Africans Too” (; Dec. 25, 2011). After I dug the accidental inspirational rainwater in my village early in 2011, I walked around in a piece of land nearby

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Christmas Thoughts: One Hole Could Save My Village – And 7 Billion Africans Too

In October the world population passed the 7 billion mark. Africa’s population too hit one billion in mid-2011. Thinking of this from Africa, a continent that has known some horrific famines in recent decades, perhaps the first question is how will all these people be fed? In my native Uganda, for example, the National Environmental

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