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The ‘Incest Barrier’ And What Africa’s Growing Army Of Fake Uncles, Aunties Means

SAY YOU ARE COMEDIAN LENNY HENRY, and you visit a primary school in Endaramatishorike near Narok in Kenya to do charity work for Comic Relief. It is your first visit, and you are attending a performance of the school choir. The children will greet you loudly; “Welcome uncle Lenny”. You go on to Uganda, to

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An Afternoon With A Nairobi Manicurist, Men’s Bad Nails, And The Comeback Of An Expiring Progressive

For as long as I can remember, my daughters have denounced the state of my nails. They have accused them of “bringing shame” upon the family, and generally setting back human civilisation. It is all because I have cut my nails much the same way like many distinguished blokes have done for millennia; by biting

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The ‘Dark’ Continent: Africa’s Energy Pain Could Be Ended By Decentralisation And More ‘Tribalism’

The part of Kampala where I am currently staying has been having a very African problem nearly every night – the power goes out until well past midnight. Meanwhile, in far off eastern Tanzania, Bukoba had electricity. Tanzania’s electricity industry is a disgraceful shambles; probably East Africa’s worst. Bukoba, though, suffers the least power outages.

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