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KONY 2012: The Story Of The ‘Evil One’ Has Done Something To The Children’s Hearts; How We Got Here (Part 5, The End)

‘Perhaps Kony 2012’s appeal comes from its “superficiality”, because that way it is able to serve up emotion. Maybe young people connect more to the emotion of stories, not their complexity. And, contrary to what we grown ups think, the kids sometimes need something more than Angry Birds and Grand Theft Auto—they would like to

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KONY 2012: With Enemies Like These Kony Doesn’t Need Any Friends. How We Got Here (Part 4)

•Troops went into the lands abandoned by the people who were huddled in the IDP camps, cleared away spiritually important trees, emotional landmarks, and altered the landscape. When the people begun returning to their lands after Kony was beaten and driven into South Sudan, they found no “history” or links to the past. The camps,

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