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If You Want To Turn Africa Green Again, Then Allow The People To Steal Trees

A FEW days ago, Africa’s first biogas plant connected to the national grid started producing power in Kenya. That was a big deal for green energy. Then it occurred to me that one of the best lessons the world can learn from Kenya in these Mother-Nature-cuddling matters could be missed – unless someone makes a

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Why East Africa – And The World – Can Chill A Little As Kenya Leaders Cook Up Political Deals

There was a dramatic rush in the Kenyan capital Nairobi last Tuesday (December 4, 2012) to beat the deadline for registering coalitions for the March 4, 2013 General Election.When the dust settled, the rest of East Africa, which had been worrying itself to death about Kenya having another violent election as it did in 2007/2008 thus

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The ‘Dark’ Continent: Africa’s Energy Pain Could Be Ended By Decentralisation And More ‘Tribalism’

The part of Kampala where I am currently staying has been having a very African problem nearly every night – the power goes out until well past midnight. Meanwhile, in far off eastern Tanzania, Bukoba had electricity. Tanzania’s electricity industry is a disgraceful shambles; probably East Africa’s worst. Bukoba, though, suffers the least power outages.

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